Thank you to all who visited my studio which I opened for the very first time this year. I had a very successful Artweeks and enjoyed chatting to all you lovely folk who visited and bought from me.

I’m determind to keep my studio tidy from now on (!) and welcome anyone who is interested in coming to visit and is interested in viewing any of my work.

Please email me or call me on 07767862540 and

Entrance to my studio is from cross St alleyway, you’ll see a doorbell on the big black gate.




My new paintings are a celebration of my love of colour, texture and form. I have tackled them with gusto, creating the first few images unsatisfactorily and then almost destroying them to allow me to free up and push them past the point of being something safe to something much more exciting. They are textured, overworked and rubbed and scratched back. Sometimes nothing of the starting image remains visible, I never know what the final image is going to look like until it appears!

I listen to music while I paint, the titles I have chosen are single words taken from the songs that have influenced me whilst in my studio. 

My paintings will be at The Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead (9th - 12th May 2019) represented by Will's Art Warehouse.

I have a painting selected to go through to the second round of the RA open submission proccess 2019. represents me at The Affordable Art fair as well as holding several of my large pieces of work.

I am also being represented by in Bath and in Dartmouth.

Follow me on instagram at  studio.emmadavis




My frames are hand-made in Oxford. They are koto lime-washed hardwood tray frames.

For any enquiries regarding purchasing or showing my paintings, please contact me at    

All images copyright emma davis 

Mall Galleries, November 2018. Discerning Eye Exhibition